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Join our Inspired Community during this event to receive a special discount and exclusive packages tailor made for your big day!

wedding couple standing on the istle
wedding couple standing on the istle
Party of 2 Package

Perfect for the bride & groom, or a girls night out for the bride and MOH!

  • Discounted Price: $104 (Normally $160)

Party of 4 Package

A great way to for the whole bridal party to blow off steam before the big day!

  • Discounted Price: $150 (Normally $240)

Honeymoon Special

A great package just for the Newlyweds! Includes our For my Partner blend & the King Blend. For our LGBTQ+ couples, these blends are interchangeable

  • Discounted Price: $120 (Normally $240)

The Radiant Bride Package

Three Premium Steaming Sessions for the price of one!

  • Discounted Price: $180 (Normally $540)

  1. Unwind before/after dress shopping

  2. Hype up before Bachelorette Party

  3. Cleanse before the Big Day!

Our Wedding Gift to You!

Solutions to Your Well-being

Learn how to leverage the power of your Yoni -Menstrual Syncing!

  • Lifestyle Guidance plan

  • Nutrients & Hormones

  • Resources

  • Yoga

I offer independent sessions for both Yoga & Meditation services!

  • Private Groupsessions

  • Yoga Specialities: RestorativeChair


  • Meditation Type: DetoxificationVision Affirmation & More!

  • Hosted: Virtually & In-person

Different Types of Altars and their Effects!

  • Money Altar

  • Love Altar

  • Health Altar

  • Household Altar

  • Spirit Altar

  • Religious Altar

  • Work Altar

  • Mini Altar

Embrace your Yoni and give yourself some well deserved self-care through V-Steaming!

Educational material on Yoni, holistic nutrition, self-care, and more! Courses coming soon.

Free E-Book Download of "The Sacral Steaming Guide" available April 1st!