Frequently Asked Questions

"Along your journey of self-discovery and sacral wellness, it is natural to have many questions, and I am more than happy to answer all of them along the way!"

What is a Holistic Health Practitioner?

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioners are certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

What does Yoni Mean?

(Pronounced) /ˈyōnē/

Scientifically: Yoni is the female sex organ.

Spiritually: The Yoni is the birth right of a woman giving her infinite connection to Life (Goddess)

Each Culture has a God it refences.

Yoni is another term for the Womb, and is often cross-referred with the Vagina.

Yoni steaming is also called V-steaming .

What is Yoni Steaming?

What is Mentrual Synchrony vs Cycle Syncing?

Menstrual Synchrony is not the same as Period/ Cycle Syncing, and the terms are often confused for one another.

Holistic Health Practitioners attend qualified schooling, abide by all state and local law, do not exceed the scope of their practice, abilities or by law, continue education and maintain high professionalism.

Practitioners practice healing powers of drugless methodologies.

Steaming your vagina includes sitting over a headed bowl of brewing herbs for a specific benefit, such as:

  • Improving fertility,

  • Detoxing the womb

  • Increasing energy

The herbs are blended by an herbalist or drugless practitioner based on your needs.

  • Period or Cycle Syncing is adjusting the things you can control based on your uterus' needs.

    • For example, eating high iron foods during the end of your Luteal phase and during the Menstruating phase help with dizziness, low energy and depression.

  • I specializing in helping you through all the cycle phases based on these needs:

    • Nutrition

    • Physical

    • Emotional

    • Lifestyle

    • Spiritual

  • We address these needs based on your wombs and chronic pain. I believe that working in tandem with your Gynecologist can help create a successful sync.

Menstrual Synchrony is the ideology of women living together or spending a period of time and they began to synchronizes through menstruate.

Often you'll hear women say "you made my cycle start early". Please refer to McClintock effect/Wellesley effect.

Do you help women going through pre-menopause/ menopause?

Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge about women's cycles,

and I have found a lot of symptoms are very similar to menopause. I will gladly work with you and help apply the methods I've learned. First I will refer you to Erika who is in my business network and she focus on menopause. We will gladly work together to help you gain control of your body.

How are your services available to me?

Clients have the option to meet with me virtually or in-person at my Las Vegas salon location, located within Sola Salons & Suites.

I do accept walk-ins, which require an initial consultation prior to services to make sure V-steaming is right for you. Please note if you arrive during a clients who booked a private sessions I will provide the next available slot to you.

Still Have Questions?

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